Our Vision

We support solar power and affirm the urgency of transitioning to renewable energy sources. Appropriate site selection can yield great rewards: 80% of solar need can be met through rooftop solar. The rest can come from other built-out sites.

We advocate for community driven municipal solar projects on rooftops and already cleared land which generate renewable energy and lower electricity bills for Shutesbury residents without sacrificing our forests.

By working together with both fellow Shutesbury residents and allies from neighboring towns, we believe that we can bring about real, positive change for our town, our region, and our state.

We propose

  • Working together as a town to create municipal solar that benefits Shutesbury residents, e.g., on the already-cleared land behind Shutesbury's Town Hall and the Shutesbury Fire Station.

  • Enacting a moratorium on industrial solar in Shutesbury. Faced with an onslaught of solar, Buckland passed a moratorium. State law allows ten residents, in most cases, to submit a petition. We intend to write the petition to propose a moratorium