Clearcutting our forests for solar is
not a clean energy solution

There is a better way!

Destroying hundreds of acres of forest for large-scale solar installations harms our community and is NOT a real clean energy solution.

Cowls Lumber, the state’s largest land owner, and AMP power, a multinational energy company, want the Town of Shutesbury to help them clearcut hundreds of acres of ecologically important forest to install large-scale ground-mounted solar arrays.

Destroying forests to install large-scale solar counters true clean energy practices, and will result in a net increase in atmospheric CO2, while degrading our clean water, our ecologically important forests, the character of our community and quality of life we treasure.

Real clean energy solutions do exist! Over 80 percent of the state’s solar needs can be met by using rooftop solar and the rest can be on industrial buildings and degraded lands.

Smart Solar Shutesbury, a group of local volunteers, is working to protect our forests while promoting community-based solar installations that will benefit our community, and create a clean energy future for our town, state and planet.

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